5 Feb 2014

Top 10 Best Caffeine Pills & Supplements

Caffeine often comes under fire as an energy supplement to athletic training. The truth is that caffeine pills work. What you need during your workout is energy and whatever
24 Dec 2013

Smelling Salts: Are They Dangerous To Use?

This is a question I’ve seen more often than almost any other across forums, blogs, and even our own users here on Smellingsalts.org. The short answer is: No, smelling
16 Dec 2013

Smelling Salts: Broner vs Maidana Controversy

So many of you may be aware of the events at the Broner vs. Maidana match last night. I’m hoping to clear up a few things for you all
12 Dec 2013

Smelling Salts: Use In Sports

The use of smelling salts in sports have become very common across a variety of different sports. Though you may not have known it before, many of your favorite
4 Dec 2013

Smelling Salts & Truckers

Ok, so in an effort to cover all the different uses for smelling salts I ran into a very interesting one. Long haul truckers are always looking for ways
18 Oct 2013

Debunked: Caffeine, Creatine, and Carbs

I’ve been in sports since high school and I’ve seen my share of garbage that people try in order to be better. Wrestlers would spit, track guys cut soda
11 Oct 2013

Question: “Where To Buy Smelling Salts”

Ok, since I put up this site and started telling people about smelling salts, "where to buy smelling salts" is the question I've heard the most.
10 Oct 2013

History Of Smelling Salts

The use of smelling salts have been tracked back through history into Roman times and all the way up through the past several thousand years. Here is a quick
3 Oct 2013

Go Time: New, Branded Smelling Salt

Go Time is essentially a pass at replacing energy drinks for use in sports. The energy that comes from drinks like Redbull or 5-Hour Energy can be down-right useful
26 Sep 2013

Smelling Salts, What Are They?

Smelling salts are chemically stuffed compounds generally used to regain an alert state of mind and/or enhance performance. They are also known as ammonia inhalants. When they are opened,
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