Top 10 Best Caffeine Pills & Supplements

caffeine energy
Caffeine often comes under fire as an energy supplement to athletic training. The truth is that caffeine pills work. What you need during your workout is energy and whatever the source, caffeine provides that energy. What does matter when it comes to choosing a source of Caffeine is what else comes with that caffeine (What is the best caffeine supplement?). I prefer a caffeine supplement to coffee, soda, or energy drinks before/during my workout because I don’t want the extra calories associated with those other things. That’s where the best caffeine pills come into play.

Caffeine supplements for weight loss

At a very basic level, caffeine works to help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism and sustaining your energy levels allowing you to work harder and longer. Weight loss is another reason that many people prefer to take caffeine in an energy supplement as opposed to other sources. You can monitor exactly how much you take in and you cut out the carbs of drinks or energy bars.

1. MET-RX | Timed Release Caffeine

met-rxWhat’s the biggest problem when using caffeine in a workout? The crash. MET-Rx’s time-release caffeine capsules solve this problem with multiple layers of coated caffeine that only release into your system over time. This method allows for up to 8 hours of sustained energy. My personal favorite. (One of the best time release/slow release caffeine pills out there)

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2. New Whey Nutrition | Caffeine Tablets

whey nutritionA proprietary blend of natural sources of caffeine including Guarana, Yerba Mate, and White Willow Bark. Provides up to 6 hours of constant energy with no crashing. A slightly shorter length of effect comes with one of my favorite attributes: quick release. That means I can take it right before I workout.

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3. Betancourt Nutritional | Essentials Caffeine

betancourt caffeineUse essentials caffeine as a daily supplement or a pre-workout energy boost. Essentials Caffeine is engineered to be one of the most optimal caffeine supplement for weight loss purposes as well as an energy booster. Betancourt’s supplement would be my top suggestion for daily use outside of your workout.

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 4. Applied Nutraceuticals | Black Cats V.2

black cats caffeineBlack Cats V.2 is pretty much the ultimate energy supplement. There’s a good reason that it costs more than other similar supplements. It’s not just any caffeine supplement; Black Cats caffeine is formulated with a variety of extra ingredients that promote healthier skin, weight loss, craving control, and mental sharpness.

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5. Inner Armour Blue | Caffeine Tablets

inner armour caffeineInner Armour’s caffeine product is clinically tested to increase stamina and alertness as well as reduce muscle ache after workouts. Inner Armour’s product is also one of the cheapest per serving on our top 10 list coming in at $0.07 per serving.

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6. 4 Dimensions | Caffeine Tablets

4 dimension caffeineNow we come to the cheapest caffeine tablet on our list. Being $0.04 per serving doesn’t mean that 4 Dimensions’ tablets are of a lower quality than any of the others on our list. If all you’re looking for is caffeine, this is the supplement for you. 4 Dimensions provides a pure caffeine energy booster and they do it right.

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7. MHP | 8-Hour Alert

8 hour alert caffeineMHP’s 8-Hour Alert is a two-stage energy release tablet that provides far more than any other caffeine supplement I’ve ever used. MHP’s concentrated energizing blend boasts energy boosting supplements like caffeine, taurine, theanine, and phenylalynine. The blend looks similar to top-selling energy drink, 5-hour energy minus all the sugar and calories.

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8. Natrol | Caffeine Fast Dissolve

natrol caffeineNatrol’s fast dissolve tablets are mocha flavored and deliver the caffeine of 2 cups of coffee without the calories and even faster than most other supplements. Natrol’s caffeine blend known as Encapfeine almost perfectly masks the taste of caffeine that usually accompanies supplements like this.

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9. Beverly International | Fast-Up

beverly caffeineFast-Up is perfect for countering those parts of the day where you body and mind slow down and fatigue (My daily “slump”). Caffeine, along with a variety of other energy boosters make Fast-Up the perfect solution to energy slumps without the negatives often found in energy products like crashes, jitters, overstimulation, or sleep problems.

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10. Labrada Charge! | Extreme Energy Booster

charge caffeineLabrada’s Charge! energy booster is another energy blend that really brings it to the table when it comes to energy. Long-lasting energy without the crash is absolutely necessary when I work out and Charge! is one of very few supplements I trust enough to use before competitions.

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I’m interested to hear your opinions. What, in your opinion is the best caffeine supplement?

  1. 10 years ago

    Is met rx still your number 1 . What about prolab or vivarin ?

    • 10 years ago
      Jeff Kingston

      I’ve actually been looking at adding Prolab here. Its a great product, I just hadn’t used it a lot a few months back when was writing this. It’s definitely time for an update.
      And I’ve actually not used Vivarin before. I’ve heard a lot about it recently though and I just jumped on Amazon to order it. I’ll update this list in the next couple weeks. But, I do think Met rx will stay number 1 unless Vivarin really impresses me.

  2. 10 years ago

    no doz is now out also. I would be curious how this and vivarin compares to met rx


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