Buy Nose Tork & Review: Strong Ammonia Inhalant

Smelling salts and ammonia inhalants have been around for thousands of years. In the past 10 years or so they’ve found their way into the realm of performance enhancement in sports such as powerlifting, football, and hockey. In the past smelling salts have been difficult to get hold of and were mostly found in professional sports.

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nose tork review

What is Nose Tork?

Nose Tork brings a strong (and I mean strong) smelling salt to the masses. Unlike the ammonia caps you may have seen before, if you buy Nose Tork , it packs all the energy boosting power of ammonia into a little bottle. No need to break a capsule or throw anything away afterwards. Just open up the bottle and take a whiff. If you do some reading, this was actually the form that smelling salts came in for thousands of years before ammonia ampules were created.

The Advantages

  1. The price for Nose Tork cannot be beat. Throw the $6 bottle into your gym bag and it will probably last a couple months depending on how often you use it.
  2. Nose Tork’s ammonia concentration is quite a bit higher than other smelling salts (see ammonia caps and wipes) which mean more raw energy flowing after every whiff.

The Disadvantages

  1. The bottle can tend to leak especially if you don’t close it tightly so be careful.
  2. You may not need the higher concentrations that come with Nose Tork. If you haven’t tried smelling salts before, better start with ampules.
  3. If you only use sniffing salts occasionally you might want to stay away from purchasing Nose Tork (or any other bottled form of smelling salt) because after your first use the potency starts to fade even if you don’t use it. This takes place slowly so don’t let it deter you, but you should be aware of the drawback.

nose torkWhere Can You Buy Nose Tork?

I’ve only ever found one place:

EDIT: They are now on Amazon! Woohoo! Check them out here

If you know of anywhere else, please let me know and I’ll post it. For now, it seems pretty proprietary, but you really can’t beat 6 bucks!

Overall one of the best smelling salts products out there!

(Nose Tork not the product for you? Check out other options on Amazon)

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