Brain Supplements: Are They the Next Big Thing?

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I recently finished up my undergraduate degree (woohoo!) and if there is one thing we get really good at as students its over the counter stimulants. Every student has slaved away into the wee hours of the night getting ready for finals :) and caffeine was always my weapon of choice. Recently another option was brought to my attention that is pretty amazing (and gives me less headaches).

What Are Brain Supplements?

The idea behind most brain supplements is to generally to enhance focus, concentration, memory, and even reduce anxiety. Comes in really handy for all those late night study parties. The thing to realize is that there is no special brain supplement that will magically make you smarter or do better on tests. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something to them. The ingredients in most of the supplements I’ve looked into are natural additions for physical improvements in brain health like cell wall strength, increased blood flow, and brain oxygenation; All of which leads to improved overall brain health. A healthy brain leads to that focus, concentration, and memory we were talking about earlier.

Caffeine vs. A Focus Supplement

We’ve probably all experienced a sleepless night propped up  by caffeine, but the problem is that all caffeine does is boost your energy. Brain supplements like SmartX and Mind Boost actually help you concentrate. These kind of supplements are used by everyone from students for studying more efficiently (especially during those last-minute cram sessions) to working professionals to push extra hours of productivity; And I can vouch for the difference. Caffeine will keep me up, but these things keep me focused.

SmartX by Cerebral Success

smartx shark tankSmartX (found here) is a product you may have recently seen featured on Shark Tank. Trevor ended up with a deal with Barbara for a good chunk of change. The fact of the matter is that Cerebral Success’ product works. In fact I’ve known several people who were regular adderall users (won’t name names, as they didn’t have ADD) who swapped out their illegal prescriptions for 100% legal SmartX. It’s actually a much cheaper option too :). Anyways, I definitely vouch for SmartX. Check it out and see the Shark Tank video.

cerebral success shark tankBarbara Corcoran from Shark Tank said: “I invested in Cerebral Success on Shark Tank because I understand there’s a real need for a good product that helps people improve memory and focus.” I can’t put it any better than that!

smartx brain supplement by cerebral successAnother plus here, is that I’ve got a code for you all to save 20% on SmartX. Just type in MYSUPPLEMENTS as the coupon when you check out.

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Mind Boost by Simple Smart Science

Brain supplements are pretty expensive and I am most definitely spoiled on this front (can’t beat 55 bucks for SmartX). But if you’re looking for alternatives, Mind Boost is a great option. Like I said, it is more expensive, but it certainly does the job. Formulated, and marketed, with older folks in mind, don’t be fooled by the look and feel. Most of Simple Smart Science’s literature on the product is geared towards helping older gentlemen maintain memory and optimum brain functions.
The thing is, this same formula is perfect for enhancing focus and cognitive abilities. If you read throught heir site, there is actually a good amount of info on research they’ve done showing increase in brain function and improved test scores across a number of different types of testing. Definitely worth checking out and at least trying to see if you see better results than other options.

mindboost brain supplement$97.00 (30 days & nights)

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