Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder Review

optimum nutrition creatineAny product produced by Optimum Nutrition will always be high up on any top ten workout supplement list you see. No difference here; We love Optimum Nutrition because it works.

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Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder
  • Effectiveness
  • Taste
  • Price


Optimum Nutrition's creatine product is probably the best out there value-wise. The price is the best I've ever seen for how well the product works. ON's micronized creatine is the #1 seller on Amazon.com and #2 on Bodybuilding.com in the creatine categories. No suprise it makes our list here at The Best of Creatine.


The Real Product Details

Creatine Content: 5g /serving
Cost per Serving: $0.13 /serving
Cost* /g Creatine: $.03 /g
Sugar per Serving: 0g
Calories per Serving: 0 cal /serving
Additional Ingredients: None
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