Top 3 Best Smelling Salts Options

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This past week, when I discovered a new type of smelling salts, I decided it was time to build out a bit of a comparison between the different options. Whether you are using ammonia inhalants for sports or as an energy booster before/during a workout, you may have noticed a variety of different options. Although there are many different brand options, when it comes down to it, there are only really 3 different types of ammonia salt to decide between.

If you’re interested in more general information on ammonia smelling salts, check out these resources: What Are Smelling Salts? and Are Smelling Salts Dangerous?

And now, need to wait any further, here are your options when it comes to sniffing salts (also sniffing salts):

1. Smelling Salts Ampules

bulk smelling salts

Smelling salts ammonia ampules are by far the most popular form because of their convenience. Small glass ampules covered in a soft casing. Squeeze the ampule to pop the glass (same idea as breaking a glow-stick), the chemicals mix and release the ammonia stimulant. The simple delivery method means you can carry them around without worrying about leaks or spills.

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2. Nose Tork Smelling Salts

nose tork

Nose Tork is the same chemical found in the ampule smelling salts. The difference is Nose Tork comes in a little bottle. The only disadvantage of the little bottle approach is you have to carry your entire supply around in your gym back which I’ve found can sometimes leak or lose potency when not tightly sealed.

It is, by far, the strongest ammonia salt available!

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3. Ammonia Inhalant Wipes

ammonia inhalant wipesWipes? Yes, wipes. I was surprised when I first saw these as well. You’ve used those moist towelettes before after you throw down a rack of ribs. You won’t want to wipe for fingers with these, but they work just as well as  our other two highlighted options when it comes to instant energy. Ammonia inhalant wipes are basically all the same chemical makeup as other ammonia salts thrown into the little square packets for convenience. But why the wipes? The number one complaint I’ve heard about ammonia ampules is that people are afraid the glass ampule inside will cut your finger when you pop it. It’s never happened to me, but I suppose its a valid worry. Never break another ampule when you use wipes. The downside is they are a bit more expensive.
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