Six Star Creatine Review

six star creatineYes, Six Star Creatine gets 4 stars. Far from a poor product, but just doesn’t compare with some of the others in our top list right now. As with any creatine product, our bodies are all different and react differently, so make sure you test a variety of different products whether they have the top reviews or not.

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Six Star Creatine
  • Effectiveness
  • Taste
  • Price


Six Star Pro Nutrition's Creatine X3 is definitely a good product. The fruit punch flavor is decent and it feels to me like any other creatine does when taken. I did find it a bit difficult to mix (seems like a lot of you have had that issue), but all in all a very good product at a very good price


The Real Product Details

Creatine Content: 8g /serving
Cost per Serving: $0.46 /serving
Cost* /g Creatine: $0.06 /g
Sugar per Serving: 5g
Calories per Serving: 120 cal /serving
Additional Ingredients: Carbohydrates, Creatine HCL, BCAAs, Amino Acids

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