Now Foods Creatine Powder Review

Now Foods CreatineThis review comes with a confession. I’m a vitamin junkie :) Now Foods is my source for pretty much everything vitamin and their creatine powder is quite good as well.

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Now Foods Creatine Powder
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OK, so maybe this is a bit of a confession here, but about 10 years back I really got into all that health and vitamins craze (not so much any more with the vitamins). But, I still love Now Foods which was the brand that I'd buy most of my vitamins in. Their creatine powder is not quite up to par with most of the other brands I've tried, but certainly is a great one to try.


The Real Product Details

Creatine Content: 5g /serving
Cost per Serving: $0.09 /serving
Cost* /g Creatine: $0.18 /g
Sugar per Serving: 0g
Calories per Serving: 15 cal /serving
Additional Ingredients: none

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