Cell Tech Creatine Review

cell tech creatineMuscle Tech’s creatine formula borders more on the side of a pre-workout supplement considering it’s ingredients include BCAA’s, taurine, carbs, and more, but that’s no reason not to include it on our list.

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Cell Tech Creatine
  • Effectiveness
  • Taste
  • Price


Cell Tech makes a great product built to dissolve thoroughly and for easy digestion and absorption. The main creatine ingredient, creatine hcl, is reported to come with an easier uptake that allows your body to use more of the creatine nutrients.


The Real Product Details

Creatine Content: 5g /serving
Cost per Serving: $1.08 /serving
Cost per g Creatine: $0.19 /g
Sugar per Serving: 15g
Calories per Serving 180 cal /serving
Additional Ingredients: BCAAs, Amino Acids, Electrolytes, Carbohydrates

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