Beast Creature Creatine Review

best creature creatineCreature by Beast Sports Nutrition is quite the creatine supplement. I’m a big fan personally, although, Creature is definitely a great example of why you should always try a number of different options no matter what you hear. I love Creature, but most of the other guys here at The Best Creatine disagree with me.

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Beast Creature Creatine
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Creature doesn't just sound like a manly creatine supplement, it lives up to its claims. I actually really like the fruit punch flavor of Creature although the reason it doesn't get a 5 for flavor is disagreement amongst my and the rest of us here at The Best Creatine. Creature definitely is a good place to start as far as testing different brands of creatine.


The Real Product Details

Creatine Content: 3g /serving
Cost per Serving: $0.44 /serving
Cost* /g Creatine: $0.14 /g
Sugar per Serving: 2g
Calories per Serving: 5 cal /serving
Additional Ingredients: Some Carbohydrates, Calcium, Several Types of Creatine

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